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Frequently asked questions

How do I take part?

Your school will provide you with an e-mail address and password.  You’ll then be able to access all areas of the website.

What is Career Seekers Direct Ltd?

This is the organisation which has developed the Let’s Do Business programme.

How many employer interactions do I need to do?

Your school will tell you this but you’re free to do them all if you wish.


How do I answer the questions about an employer talk?

By downloading the Word document in the employer area, completing it and saving it to your device. This is not saved on the website so only you will have a record of it. If the employer hasn’t provided information for a specific question just miss that one out.

Do I have to complete the tasks set by the employer?

Your school will tell you how many and which ones to complete. 

So sign up now and Let's Do Business!

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